Strategy for gaining SP

What are some strategies for gaining more SP this year?

ok, think about it like this, ap is like the sp of last year, so winning auton is extremly important, because that your main way of being ranked (other than winning ofc)

Winning autonomous is extremely important, however, SP is also important in a sense. AP are exactly 4 points every time, obviously (rather than SP which were in a range.)
So lets say that two or more teams are all 6-0, and they’ve all gotten the autonomous bonus in every match. This obviously means that they’re tied in AP as well.
During the first tournament of the season that my team competed in, a pushbot was the 1st seed because it had a higher SP than the 2nd seed. Yeah, the pushbot got pretty lucky schedule wise, but nonetheless, they were paired with people who had a good autonomous, making them rack up those AP. The only difference between the 1st and 2nd seed were SP (obviously), and you could imagine how pissed everyone was that a pushbot was the 1st seed.
TLDR; Don’t disregard SP too quickly. Just because AP is the 2nd determining factor in ranking, SP still matters. Especially when everyone can get the same AP.

If you see that the opposing alliance is slugging a bit in throwing over the game objects, just back off on throwing. Kind of a general rule I’ve been following so far this season.

From every tournament I’ve attended yet SPs still play a big role with the top seeded teams. Teams that are likely to win are also likely to win autonomous, so APs are still not that much of a tiebreaker among the higher seeded teams.

This year it is more in your control for managing SP’s dynamically and with little repercussion from your opponent - unless your opponent can dump large amounts of stars/cubes at the last second that is.

If you are in a match you know you will win (that is the key), count the stars and cubes and make sure there are some on your side still. Still have enough to win by a good margin, but ensure some points are left in reserve for SP’s. If you dumped them all early in the match and the other team can’t seem to get them back over on your side again, you may have played your hand too early and will receive low SP’s no matter what.

If there are some stars/cubes on your side, you can also move them into higher scoring zones too. That may be the easiest manipulation of points for getting SP’s.

Finally, a job of the coach to do besides yell at the driver! Count, then yell at the driver. :slight_smile:

In many of my matches, I just count how many points both sides have and, if I need more sp, I just stick my claw under the fence, grab some stars and place them in their far zone (a 3 pt swing). Sometimes my autonomous even gets enough over that I start scoring sp right off the bat. All depends on the situation, you have to be the judge.

Yes you have to do that and you have to determine what you are going to go.

I say watching sp are extremely Dangerous because if you make close points and your opponent hangs your done for. Also My team has experienced this first hand we were in first place at a tournament we were keeping points close and our robot flipped due to driving and we lost because of that, when we would have kept our 1 seat instead of moving down to 5th seat. So beat your opponent by large margins.

Yeah, multiple times, my team has been on the verge of being undefeated in a tournament, then scored too many points for the other team, and lost. Because of this, my team has never been undefeated :frowning: :frowning: