I’m was wondering, what are the pros and cons of being defensive while playing round up, and the pros and cons of being offensive. I don’t know if I should be full defensive, half defensive, half offensive, or full offensive. (I’m still working on my robot, so I wanted to know what type of robot I should build :slight_smile: )

There are lots of other threads that discuss strategy for RoundUp.
A defensive only robot can’t score points, so the score becomes 0-0.
A defensive robot that is 5 seconds behind an offensive robot will lose 7-0.

I would say that offense is always more important than defense. The best robots are those that can score a lot of points very quickly. Defense, or more specifically, descoring, can certainly play an important part in a game like Round Up. One must remember though, it’s offense that will win you the match.

Good Luck.

I wouldn’t mind having a strategy thread around again at this point in the season. Things might have changed by now.

If your robot can do both defense and offense (which it should), then what? I’m not entirely sure it’s all about the exact point swings because larger strategies could be a factor. In one of our scrimmages between teams, certain things proved effective like making enemy tubes not easily accessible. Also, putting tubes under the ladder seemed inefficient because not all 20 tubes would end there and our opponent was not inconvenienced by this.

but if you are one of the “rookie” teams, and you are running out of time to build a robot, a good defense/descore robot would be far better than an “ok” offensive claw

why do i say that?
lets say you are playing against team X, and team X is the “BEST” scoring robot out there
if you go with the “ok scorer” robot X would score almost all their tubes while you only score 25% of your own tubes
but if you go with the “good descore robot” you can descore everything they score except maybe the last tube (so the final score is 0-7) but the point difference is ALOT closer than ~100% - ~25%

the above is oversimplified with rough numbers
but a defense robot may make the point difference closer (and maybe win with a good alliance partner)

so basically “if you cant beat them, cancel out their hard work so the match will be closer”