Stream for Today's LRT

I see that no one signed up for today’s LRS event (which did have a webcast link). I would surmise that most teams are close to burn out and/or don’t want to pay $30/team for what amounts to a test run of the LRS system.

The LRT event does appear to have a good crowd, but under the webcast tab, it says the stream is only available within the LRT system. Am I interpreting this correctly that there is not going to be a public stream available for this event?

The msg board has been quiet lately and was hoping to have something Vex related to enjoy this evening.


LRTs are broadcast as unlisted streams on the REC Foundation YouTube channel. The streams are “public” in the sense that anyone with the link can watch the stream, but the links are only shared within the LRT system. So in practice you can only watch the stream for an LRT if you are registered for that event, or if you know someone who is and they send you the link.

(or at least, that was the case last time I watched an LRT, which was a few weeks ago now)


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