STREAM = Water Game


Vex worlds divisions started by spelling STEM with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Then they added the Arts division spelling STEAM. Last year they added the Research division. We know that spells STREAM and streams have water. Does that mean STREAM water game?


I never noticed that before. Now with a waterproof V5 and VEX partnering with the Pacific Ocean for the next 5 years for worlds, water game is getting pretty obvious.

Maybe they’ll add water division this year as a final hint. The only word that works would be WARMEST. Warmest, warm, global warming, sea levels, water, water game. Or they could remove science and math and add water so the divisions spell WATER.


It seems as though Vex has told the v5 beta testers not to dunk their betas into water. We will not be able to test for this until April at worlds


Or a rebel can go ahead and do it


No there will not be a water game. Not only does this risk the equipment and the safety of competitors, this also makes it so if you were to incorrectly waterproof the bot, it is a couple hundred dollars to replace it. I don’t think that vex would do this just to make more money.


The current cortex is already waterproof

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Last year at worlds in the science division, Karthik came over to watch one of the matches and immediately drank a glass of water in front of the crowd. Who then, started chanting “Water Game” and Karthik winked at the audience before walking off. And later said that the design team were already getting to work on next years game. I think that is the most solid evidence we are gonna get people


I was there. The funniest part is when we all started chanting “Water game, water game!” and he raised his glass in the air and smiled at everyone.