Strength of a 269 and a 393 motor.

How much weight can a 269 motor push? 393 motor?

Motors aren’t defined by how much they can “push,” but rather by their torque (with how much force they turn an axle you put into the motor). Torque is measured in inch-pounds. 1 inch-pound is the amount of torque required to lift a 1 pound weight that is 1 inch from the axis of rotation of the motor output. So if you had a motor that supplied a torque of 1 inch-pound, and you put a wheel on it with a radius of 1 inch, the motor would be “pushing” through the wheel with a force of 1 pound.

The maximum torque of a 269 is 8.6 inch-pounds and the maximum torque of a 393 is 13.5 inch-pounds. Note that in order to get this much torque, the motors will not be moving at all, because the torque decreases as the motor speeds up.

What is a"Good" lift gear ratio?

(Opinions please)

1:5 or 1:7 for torque is a good lift ratio. (at least for gateway it was)

1:1 was a good ratio for a six-bar :stuck_out_tongue: lol if only

How fast do you want the weight moved?
Even the smallest motor can lift a bowling ball, it just needs to be geared very slowly.

HEY! Our B team did that our first meet when we didn’t know anything about gearing… But it was a 1:1 4 bar with no rubber bands

I’m not making fun of it I’m sorry. I really wish that it was possible to do it.

haha same here!
w had a 1:1 single piviot arm back in elevation…
we had to “balance” it by adding dead weights to the other end! XD
back in the day…