Strength of regular chain

I’m building a drivetrain that uses 3.25in. wheels and the spacing needs to 5 holes wide. This means I’m going to need to use the Regular sprockets and chain to fit in the spacing. The main thing i’m worried about is if the chain will break on the drive when the bot will probably weigh 15-17 pounds with a 2-1 ratio for the sprockets?

It will break. The only thing it’s good for is very light load applications such as connecting an encoder. You may be able to use normal gears though.

It will definitely break. This chain is awful, and to be honest, I would avoid using this at all costs. You should be able to use high strength chain, or as @Owen said, normal or high strength gears.

You can’t get a straight 2:1 gear ratio with gears. If you want a 2:1 ratio resulting in a higher speed, you can drop your internal gearing (turbo>speed or speed>torque) and add a 3:1 gearing, resulting in a 1.875 ratio if your motors were originally speed, or 2:1 if they were originally turbo.

EDIT: That is, 1.875 or 2 times faster than it already was.