Striker Alliance - Mid-Level Southeast Alliance

Hello VexForum!

@Easton and I have created an alliance for mid-level teams in the southeast US region. Easton has made a form which you can fill out if you would like to join.
VEX Robotics “Striker Alliance” form
If you are curious what an alliance is and what benefits it can gain you, it is basically a group of teams who bounce ideas off of each other. In general, they are made up of teams in a specific area, although this is not always the case. We may accept teams outside of the southeast region or high-level teams, but this will not always be the case.

After filling out the form, you will receive an email as to whether you have been accepted.

Thank you, and best of luck!
-Striker Alliance

Is this alliance still a thing going into tower takeover?

I don’t think you should revive a thread 2 years dead but Ig it’s still relevant.
You could just Pm @2775Josh about this.

I was in this alliance at one point, but I think it’s disassembled. I know my old team 4270C left to create the Insurgent Alliance.

Could I join the discord for the insurgent alliance, my team is 9065C, we hv won 2 Missouri tournament and will become 2nd in skills once we go to our next tournament in our state