String expansion?

Our team wants to make a string expansion. We’ve had one previously but it takes up too much space. We can’t use pneumatics and only have one motor to spare for endgame. Any ideas on how to make an effective endgame that takes up as little space as possible?


It seems like every couple of days there is another question asking almost exactly the same “expansion” question.

I know we encourage you all to start a new topic for questions, but perhaps it’s time to piggy back the expansion questions onto an existing topic if there is already something close.

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One thing you could try is a small slip gear catapult. Use rubber bands as tension, and when endgame hits, use a motor to spin the slip gear and when it hits the sheared off teeth, the catapult will send a weight flying. I’m sure there’s a way to make multiple on the same axle, but this is just a general idea.

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