String Replacement/Loophole Legality?

Is it legal to cut up vex rubber bands and tie them into a string/rope? Would it be breaking the rules? I don’t see why not as they are from Vex but they might be considered a string. Mainly asking because we don’t have string yet.

If the rules do not forbid you from doing something, then it is legal.


One better alternative would be to use latex tubing.

It’s pretty light, doesn’t fray, and could be a cleaner replacement for tied rubber bands.


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Also can you dye the latex tubing?

If you are asking if it is vex legal then:

If you are asking if it is physically possible, I don’t think it would be because you can’t dye things to be lighter colors then they already are, I’m not an expert, so there might be a bit of a workaround, but as far as I am aware you can’t really do that