Striping Low Profile HS shaft collers

We have been having issues striping the torx set screw on the low profile HS shaft collers. Has anyone else had this issue? At first I thought some of my teammates where just being bad and screwing things down, but after experiencing it strip myself I want to go ask if anyone else has the same situation.

Are the screws aluminum or somthing silly like that? Its strange to have an issue with these but the torx set screws which have a similar size.

To remove them I had to use a bolt cutters, which was easy because they are aluminum, but only if they have clearance to cut them. As you can see one of these might not have had clearance to get the cutters in.


I had some bad experiences with them last season, the set screw is super weak, whatever it’s made off. The low profile is nice, but they actually suck as shaft collars, do not use.


the shaft collars are nice but my god do they strip so easily, we had to switch to screw joints on our cata because of it. do not use

Could these be used as a replacement?


Well they aren’t legal, which is :pensive: not like anyone is going to ask if you are replacing the screw

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one good thing that my team found when using these collars is to always use this particular screwdriver.

this screwdriver is super high quality, and if you always make sure that you meet some requirements, then you should not strip a HS low profile collar.

  1. make sure the screwdriver is parallel with the set screw. this reduces stripping.
  2. don’t tighten the screw all the way. just screw it enough so the collar stops sliding around. any more and it will likely break.
  3. go extremely slowly. try to pump them like a normal screw and it will strip if the screwdriver bit slips.

they are super inconvenient to strip, but i really like the low profile that they have. we use about 6 on our robot right now, and none of them have had any problems (we followed the steps listed above).


This screwdriver is truly a godsend :pray:

That seems like a good Q&A question…

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My team uses a T9 screwdriver on any that have started to strip and that works well. (Unless they’re really badly stripped.)