Stripped Collar

So, quick question. Is there ANY way possible to get a stripped collar off of an axle? Thanks

depending on how bad it’s stuck you might end up having to just cut the collar off.

It’s on the axle for the motor and will not budge at all, so that might be our only hope!

I don’t know if this works in VEX, but in FRC we drill out the bolt of the stripped collar, and if you are careful, it might work. Good luck with it!


I wouldn’t use drilling or cutting tools around $40 motor.

I would try to disassemble it enough to remove the axle with the stuck collar and try to work on it away from the robot and expensive electronics.

Usual way to deal with stripped screws is to cut a slit into its head and use a flat screwdriver:


However, set screws inside shaft collar are not easy to get to and, unless you happened to have a fine screw extractor


and set screw cooperates, then the most realistic scenario would be to destroy the collar in order to salvage the shaft. Here is a recent illustration:


wait till you see whats done in BB :rofl: sometimes you gotta do what you’ve gotta do

disclaimer- turning the diameter of an integrated motor shaft is not fun

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I know this sounds dumb but I have seen a thing where you can stretch a rubber band over the bolt and then use the Allen wrench over it to get more grip. Maybe that could work


Rubber band or stuff the collar screw with some tape then angle the allen wrench for the most contact to the screw.

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Last ditch effort if:
. Grinding the end of the Allen key to remove the worn section
. Rubber band trick from above
Then: take an Allen key, put one small drop of super glue and put on the face of the key, insert key into the socket. You want to glue the key in place without gluing the screw into the collar. Let it dry for 30 mins. Quick firm twist to the left and it should free up so it will come out.

Good luck


All these people with there complex solutions, :slight_smile:

My team just uses a torx bit that is slightly larger than the shaft collar.


Friction paste. Works like magic. Non-toxic.

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thats pretty cool, seems faster than clamping and drilling out the screw

Blowtorch. Shaft collar cant be stuck if it’s a liquid.


I would recommend being proactive, and replacing all shaft collar set screws with these 18-8 Stainless Steel ones, from McMaster Carr: McMaster-Carr


Angle grinder, then hammer. If it is still not moving, acetylene torch.

i prefer to use the acetylene before the hammer, you know, so it’s nice and toasty before becoming a burnt pile of mush


Small drill bit and drill through the screw.

Move away from hex head screws. Torx is much superior. Keep tool in good shape. Throw away any questionable screws.


Adding to this, if one screw begins to consistently skip when you try and tighten it, throw it away. It’s not worth the problems later down the road

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If a screw skips ONCE, trash it. It two screws skip, trash the screwdriver. A bad tool can destroy all screws it contacts.

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