Stripped Screw! HELP!

On our robot, there is a stripped screw. We have used many different screwdrivers, and still nothing. Does anyone have an idea on how to get it out? To make it worse, it has a lock nut on it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Try holding the head with pliers and turning the nut with a wrench. If that doesnt work, apply a large amount of dremel to the affected area.

Grind 2 sides of the screw head flat head so pliers can grip it better. Then hold the screw still with pliers and use a wrench to undo the nut.

We are not with a grinder at the moment. Anything else we can do?

If you have a saw of any kind, including manual, grind a gash into the screw head such that a flathead screwdriver can bite it. Then use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew.

If you have specially designed stripped screw extractors, use those.

Worst case: File away the entire screw head.

I must admit to doing this, but take a drill bit the size of the screw and just drill straight through it. Sure, you will ruin the screw and nut, but I find that to be the fastest way.

Destroy the bearing flat if it is in one. And try to take off the nut rather than unscrewing the screw. It’s a pain in the rear, but it works.

Take a hack saw or Dremmel and make a slit and turn it into a flat-head screw. Also #usestardrive

Another thing you can try, sand down the end of your hex key to make a nice clean hexagonal tip, and push it down really hard into the head while trying to turn the nut. Only works if the screw head is not completely destroyed.

Try using screwdriver and a rubber band and put the rubber band where the screw is and use the screwdriver to loosen it. That what our team does so give that a try

I’ve had good luck using a Torx screwdriver to take out hex-head screws that are moderately stripped. It’s pretty tough on the Torx driver, but it can save a lot of time.

+1 to the dremel method from @Aeden_6007 The screw is destroyed but it already was anyway.

Make it a flathead screw location.

On motor screws you can try socket head screws. The grip is much nicer but does not work in close quarter situations where the slim profile of the pan head is what you want.

Works especially well for motor screws… Those strip rather easily on the pan heads. Vex switched materials to make it more difficult to strip, but it can still happen none the less.

I agree with Rick. Keeping a Torx driver around has been so helpful. That being said my guys usually just grab the Dremel and solve the issue.

I have had this problem before. you could file the screw head off. Or you could use pliers to pull it out.

If nothing else works, just cut the screw out.

If you don’t mind ruining the screw, take something like a bolt cutter (or whatever they’re called) and use it to cut threw the screw. you could also try pliers to hold the screw while using a wrench to try and get the bolt off. Good luck!!

Try singing happy songs to it. I recommend All Star by Smash Mouth. The screw is clearly stressed out, which is the reason it won’t budge. Give it some time to relax and breathe. Don’t force it to do anything it doesn’t want to. All you can do is encourage. I wish you the best.