Stripped screw on 393 motor

Hi all,
My team is changing the 393s on our base to high speed mode. As I was removing the cap on one of them, I notice that one of the screws was stripped and I could not remove the cap. Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, how did you get the bad screw out? Thank you!!

you could try a stripped screw removal kit. they are sold at most hardware stores. not sure what you could replace it with though.

if you have a dremel or some sort of cutting tool, you can cut a slit across the screw so that you can use a flat-head screwdriver to get the screw out

it’s also possible to get it out with a pair of nose pliers, it’s just quite a slow process (it takes maybe five minutes of turning in roughly 60 degree increments). It’ll work better if you turn it into a flat head screw though, especially since it sounds like you’re goint to want to screw it back in again afterwards and then probably take it out again later.

If you can get it out, you can survive with 3, or even 2 screws in diagonal corners.

This has happened to our team like 5 times. We always just cut off the head of the screw with a dremel and then the motor pulls out of the hole and we grab pliers and rotate the screw that way.

There is this one tool in some thread that is supposed to be a miracle tool in taking off stripped screws. You should search the forums for tools and it should be a recent thread.

*Edit: Mini Torx T8

Thanks everyone. I did manage to get it out by twisting the cap up and using it sort of like a wrench. That probably doesnt explain it well but the bottom line is I got it out. :wink:
Thank you!!