Strongest Teams in your State/Region

Now that some states/regions are a few weeks into their seasons and a few tournaments have gone by, who seem to be the strongest teams in your area thus far?

For us here in Indiana, it seems as if the strongest teams from Starstruck(323, 574, 1483, 2567, 2719, 7368) are coming out as the strongest this early in the season. What about your area?

Connecticut IFT teams

North Texas 60X,60E,4148A,500k,25461Z

This year, so far, it looks like the top team is 6842Z (Pigpen). He is consistently scoring over 100 in driving skills and in the 30s for driving skills with a lot of room to improve those scores. Currently, his team is on a tear winning all him matches and in eliminations, he is typically scoring over 100 and allowing less than 40.

To top it all off, this is a middle school team led by an 8th grade student but all the tourneys here in Indiana are blended. He selected two of our teams last week to win a tournament and I look forward to watching him this week at our tournament where we do not plan to compete so I can sit back and enjoy watching his domination.

Ift did very well in our first competition. They could stack 18 cones high. 134E also did very well at our first competition but they are from a different region. It was exciting getting to see people from out of town however. We have only had one competition so far so I am sure there will be many more great designs from New England

This is not in any specific order as teams can improve within weeks or days of time. Sorry if I missed a few but these are the first that come to mind. In Georgia I would say:

South Texas 590B, 590M, 1814D, and expecting 2373A and/or 624K to be the strongest as well.

We’ve had a grand total of one skills event and one high school tournament in Virginia. It’s too early to tell here because lots of teams haven’t even gotten on the field yet. By mid-December, we should have a better idea on who the strong teams are.

I agree with @eagles1961U, all of the 1961 teams appear to be extremely strong this year. As well as 109 A, which won tournament finalist at a recent competition I was at. 1961 X is definitely top of the list in GA

That tourney looks to have quite a few good teams. It’s going to be a good learning experience for my 3 first year teams at their first tournament ever.

… and by learning experience I mean we’ll get our butts kicked but have fun anyway!

That sounds like every tournament in which my kids have competed prior to this year. We look forward to seeing you and what you are able to do at your new school. You developed a great program at your previous school.

Central Ohio
4805X, 4805E, 6008E, 6008D, 6008A

Lets not forget about Frank and Kyle
1356X and 1356B

Thats right my bad. Im sorry.

Historically in VA the past few years, 1575, 8086 have been the top performers amongst other programs.

But we haven’t seen what 12 is going to bring this year yet!

All 9050 teams in South Dakota

And probably 1000X 1000M from VARC

Where is VARC

VARC is from Vermillion SD @BBBcube3.14