Strongest Type of Arm (complex tray)

My team was wondering what style of the arm would be best suited for strength.

So far we’ve found 3 different styles but we don’t know which is better

  1. Elbow (team 25461z)
    Basically there’s an elbow thing that goes from the motor to the arm.

  2. Direct (team 448x [goofy])
    Gears are connected to the motor which is connected to the arm directly.

  3. Lever style arm (team 1961z)

What are your thoughts on this?

The elbow is actually for easier rubber banding. It really doesn’t effect its height, but does make it heavier. I really depends on your gear ratios and how heavy is the weight that you are lifting

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The elbow thing (also called a 4bar) seems to be the strongest from my testing. Also it seems to be the most equal while lifting using only one motor (meaning that one arm isnt higher than another)

The four bar style arm is great for banding and is much better than direct in my opinion. However, it makes the arm a bit heavier. The lever style arm allows the arm to be really light and is probably the best choice. The direct arm is the worst of the three. Additionally, bracing the arm in the back can be very good because it allows you to lift the arm without raising the tray.


And it is not call direct… it is normally known as a 2-bar.


What is a lever style arm? I can’t see it in the image.

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I am also wondering, because 1961z has bracing in the front as well…

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