Struggling clamp

Hey guys. I had a comp today where I made it to semis by solely having a pushbot and bullying. I felt quite bad for our alliance partner, and it was all because our clamp didn’t work. I can put an isometric rendition up soon, but it’s basically a 25 by L bracket with two shafts coming out of each end. On the end of the shafts are C channels, and the C channels are supposed to clamp two cubes. I am, however, struggling with the logistics of getting the shafts to move inwards in V.4 and clamping. I really need help, as my last comp before state is in two weeks. Please, anyone with experience in anything remotely close to this. We need help, and fast!

A picture would help…alot


Why didnt your clamp work?
Pictures would be great
Are you using cortex or v5?
How many cube clamp?


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I can get a picture tuesday, maybe monday

Ok. I would use a 2 motor 1:7 ratio for that. Can you describe your issue?

We are struggling with how the clamp will actually clamp.

*move inwards
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You mean with the motors? Or how it will clamp the cubes?

Clamp the cubes is what i mean

For the torque, use a 1:7 gear ratio(12t:84t gears)

Use an 11hole wide attachment so that they box the cubes with the clamp, and not at an angle

Do you have pictures?


I can make a quick sketch if you want

That would be more useful than imagining :wink:

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OK it’s not gonna be isometric or anything fancy. Just some 2d maybe 3d on sketch paper

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Also the pic is going to go through on a webcam, so it won’t be the highest quality.

Here’s a general idea. It’s this on both sides of the L bracket

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is that at all helpful?

Anyway, I’m not going to be on tomorrow, so I’ll most likely see your response first thing monday. Thanks for your help.

So it sounds like you are a robot that perhaps has a DR4B lift with a clamp that is around 3-4 cube lengths high. Clamp part shouldn’t be too difficult as all you need is a red motor cartridge (36:1). You could also have higher torque by having two 12T gears in the center and an 84 tooth gear (connected to a side of the clamp) on either side. The motor could power either of the 12T gears. Make note that even amount of gears results in an actual clamping mechanism. Also. On your clamp, make sure you have a friction mat on the metal so that the cubes don’t slip out. An important note would be to make sure that the motor is HOLDING in the programming. This will make sure that the clamp does not fail…as much.

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We use cortex, and the clamp is two cubes high, and the shafts are six inches long from bracket to C channel. So that kinda complicates things. Thanks tho