Struggling with the choice, EasyC or RobotC

I’m still struggling with the choice, to use EasyC or RobotC for our robotics club that has 10 VRC teams and 15 VEX IQ elementary school teams.

Do you have some solid reasons to choose one over the other?


It has both graphical and text and text is better.

Alternately PROS :slight_smile:

^ This. (10 char)

PROS does not support VEX IQ.

My recommendation is ROBOTC (I am biased, that’s for another time though).
Edit: See this

I have 3 teams out of our house, 2 HS and one IQ, we use RobotC. Has its own small issues at times, but, overall, it’s worked out well.

If your highschoolers are good enough with RobotC you should move to PROS, its free and cross platform and is more like real-life C development with Eclipse and full C99 compliance

I agree it would be nice to move to a real environment, but it’s a tradeoff. Hate including *.c files and other such things, bad habits, but it’s good enough to have RobotC tools that work the system with the system support we need. Looked at PROs, won’t be going to it. Mainly because I would have liked to have taught the kids interrupts and drivers and such, and maybe fixed some issues or at least reviewed the overall system, but they aren’t providing all of the source code for PROs, so it’s a pointless move for us.

RobotC. It’s simple enough that even 8 and 9 year olds can pick it up at a usable level, and its a lot closer to real programming. Plus, by the time they’re in highschool they can do some pretty cool stuff :slight_smile:

Sorry to lead this offtrack but have you looked at Convex?

We made the mistake of buying EasyC when we started our team three years ago. Last spring we switched to RobotC and couldn’t be happier. Their customer support, RVW, forms and debugger make it so much more useful than anything EasyC can offer.

RobotC master race:D

All of our teams have used RobotC for the past many years. We find it isn’t to hard to teach kids the basics but is also able to be used in more advanced applications.

I would recommend robot c. I find it easier. Also, more teams use it so at competitions it is easier to find help if you are confused.

Thanks for all the help everyone. It looks like we decided to go with RobotC, thanks in part to the responses in this thread. We should be purchasing (30) seats today, hopefully.


Why? Well here are some reasons: Smart motor library, PID, more people use it, more support, quick updates, great tutorials on how to program in RobotC, and many more. And my personal opinion: It is so much easier to use than easyC.:wink:

RobotC all the way. It has a low floor and a high ceiling, so its easy to pick up but can still be used masterfully.

, more support, quick updates, great tutorials on how to program in RobotC, and many more. And my personal opinion: It is so much easier to use than easyC.:wink:

The bold text above are the main reasons we choose RobotC.
We are doing a workshop 3 days this week as an inro to RobotC. A lot of the material we are covering is the knowledge I am learning from Robotmatter’s ROBOTC Fundamentals tutorial. This is a really nice hands-on tutorial and should get any student started pretty well.

Agreed. Getting kids to learn to type their programming and banging their head correcting syntax and confusing compiler error messages does go a long way for real world programming later on. You may need an experienced person to help you through such troubles is the downside. (but there are the forums here to help if you totally get stuck)

Our original decision to go Robot C was made by Foster years ago and we have had no reason to turn back. Get them learning now so they can go pro later. Drag and drop does not instill quite as many skills. it helps get you started.

The sample code found with the product as well as old jpearman threads on programming tips are invaluable that you find for Robot C.

Does anybody have an updated RobotC command quick reference? I found this one from Carnegie Mellon, but it seems it’s a little outdated with some outmoded commands. An updated quick reference would really come in handy!

The web version of the help docs can be found here.

Also built into ROBOTC under help you can click “open help docs” and use the offline version. It isn’t quite the same as the quick reference but it is searchable and organized well so finding what ever you need should be easy. Also everything in the documentation should be perfectly accurate to the newest version of ROBOTC.:smiley: