Student Advisory Board

Dan announced there would be a new Student/Roboteer Advisory board.

I figured it would generate a lot of interest / dialog around this and there is almost nothing.

No interest by this years robotoeers?

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I am sure some of my senior members will be interested.
But i am not sure how (or will) international teams be involved.


Where is this announcement? I have heard nothing about this.


I believe it was during the parade of nations

It was during Dan Mantz speech correct?

I have no clue about any of this. Why didn’t someone say something???

Seriously, though. I’ll have to do a bit of research on that and see what it might take to be involved. I recommend other active students do the same.

Edit (to keep the thread condensed): A quick series of Google searches yielded no results. In fact, this thread was the top hit on a couple of phrasings.
Perhaps this was slated as a mention, and the actual process will take place after the season really gets rolling? Or maybe it was a misinterpretation by the great Dan Mantz of what he meant to say(improbable)?
Maybe that “later” time could just be around the EP Summit for some reason?


My guess is details will be announced at or around the EP summit

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At finals, Dan Mantz announced that the RECF would start a Student Advisory.
You should be able to find a livestream of it, I remember it was sometime in the RR.
Its also possible it was at Skills Finals, though I don’t think so.

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I was surprised and interested when Dan announced this in his speech, but since no more details have been given there hasn’t really been much to discuss.

@Got_a_Screw_Loose Here at 31:00 (the few mins leading up are also good context). This was just after the parade of nations.


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the slow response - I’m still playing catch up after Worlds. I will be announcing more details by the end of May. There will be an online application process and I will seek representatives across the entire demographics of the VEX Robotics programs (ie - rural & suburban, public and private, male and female, etc.). We will meet virtually twice a month to discuss both specific topics where I need feedback (such as requirements for the revised Community Award) and general “open” topics for the students to communicate items that they feel are important for the REC Foundation to understand.




Love that you’re getting student representatives from a wide range of demographics, we have a big VEX Community.


@DanMantz Thanks a bunch for taking the time to do this, it means a lot to me and many others in VEX to be able to help out.


Props to @DanMantz for really truly listening to student feedback, one of the largest controversies around the whole Bo1 debate.

It’s good to know that student voices are being balanced in the careful set of desires the RECF has to balance


I slightly missed my end of May target but we did send the Student Advisory Board Application to middle and high school coaches today.

The link:

We will give interested students a couple of weeks to respond and then we will select students for the committee. I will lead the committee myself. I’ve raised 4 teenagers so I think I’m prepared…


Hello Dan!

Are attentions about students outside the United States also included in this program?

Greetings from São Paulo - Brazil!


Yes, we sent email to all coaches register in our system, including international teams.


Famous last words


When will we get a response to our surveys?

I’m not a student, but I’ve usually been acting like one when interacting with other students, and I’ve sometimes considered joining a VEX U team. (I’m 22 and I’m going to a technical college.)

I’m considering mentoring a team next year, or perhaps being the main coach depending on how things work out.

Would I be eligible for the Student Advisory Board even though I’m not a student (but would be eligible age-wise and college-wise)?

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Sorry that I “revived” this thread, but as @Sylvie asked before, is there a determined time yet of when we will receive responses to our surveys?