Student Advisory Board

Yes - the RECF has reviewed all the applicants and is in very last steps of officially forming the SAB. The invites to the SAB students should be going out very soon! The goal is to have our first meeting in September.


Shucks, I missed out. Hope Hawaii is represented in the SAB. 51+ students is probably a stretch, though. It’s probably by region, so Cali will represent.


Sorry to revive this thread.
Just want to know any updates? Has all the invites to students gone out?

Don’t think any of my students receive any news yet… or maybe all their applications were rejected… lol…


I just got my response, and although I was denied I had a small bit of thought that came alongside it.
If this board is based upon hearing the community’s opinion, shouldn’t it be based on the community to select the 8 candidates to be a part of the board? This is common sense even on a governmental standpoint, which is a shame that nobody on the forum brought this up before the people were selected. How would I know that the board’s opinions would not be flawed from the public if the RECF selects the “best” candidates out of 150-or so people?
EDIT//: I am not doing this to complain but to bring up question as to what the intentions are for this board from a RECF standpoint. If their intentions is to subtle down everyone in VRC then I will delete this message, but if their intentions are to improve the VRC program with hearing the community then there must be no idea of a bias in how everything is done.


Meng any of your students accepted?


I was denied as well. I hope to maybe make it next year.


In theory this sounds like a great idea. But in practice, I’m not sure how it could happen. There are 20000 teams over multiple continents. I guess you could send out email ballots. Each candidate would need to write up their campaign pitch. It sounds like it would have the potential to devolve into a huge popularity contest.


there will always be bias, no matter how hard you try.


Were emails sent to everyone that applied? I know some people who applied, but have not gotten an email yet. Even if it’s a rejection, it would be courteous to send everyone a status update. :smile:


It looks like it was sent at one time, could potentially be sent to a spam or junk folder.

That was my initial thought as well, so I checked my spam/junk before posting. I did not find any emails from This was the email address that sent updates to those who have received an update.


Hi everyone,

We sent emails today to all the Student Advisory Board (SAB) applicants we received. We had over 180 students apply for eight spots. The selection process was very competitive but I feel we got a great cross representation of students from multiple states, countries and backgrounds. We will announce the SAB once the eight students accept their invitation and sign the consent form. The student applicants were so talented that we do want to involve more students. So during the course of the season, it is our expectation that the SAB will also consult with all the student applicants through surveys to get their opinions.

Thanks to everyone that applied.

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The purpose of the SAB is to discuss specific topics where we want / need feedback and to provide an avenue for students to communicate items that they feel are important for the REC Foundation to consider. We hope to gain a better understanding of student perspectives and ways to improve competitive robotics.

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I applied for Student Advisory board and also got no response, could it have something to do with the fact that I submitted it the vary last day.


Well… didnt hear anything from my teams… but again, they usually ignored me half of the time. Lol…

Just hope the international teams will be represented in the board :slight_smile:

Edit: Updates - looks like none of my students got in…



if 8059 can’t do it - who can?


Ya this board isn’t off to a great start. Everyone told me I was niave to think the board would mean anything. It’s looking like they were right.

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I believe you are misjudging in this case. The function of the SAB is to get a broad spectrum of views. 8059 and other high performing organizations already make their views clear and participate well on forums. So I would not take it as a slight that the initial board is created from sectors that we might not be aware of.


what is the purpose of the sab? Is it for regions / teams / students to express their thoughts to the recf? if so - why should the broad spectrum of views only be from sectors that we aren’t aware of? Some of these highest performing teams are the ones that understand the rules the clearest, and are able to push far enough to find where the limits and blurred lines are, to help RECF with those rules.

If the goal of the sab is to help RECF with decision making, or to help advise them in the direction to take, students shouldn’t just be taken from areas that aren’t well known, high performing students can again give a lot of insight into how RECF can help other teams develop in similar ways…

I understand that 8 people isn’t a lot, and that not everybody isn’t going to be making it, but if 8059 hasn’t made it…I’m not sure where this is going…


I’d hesitate to base it entirely off of a single organization - after all, it’s students who are applying, not organizations, and for all we know there might not have been a senior member of 8059 who applied. I’ll reserve my judgement of who’s on the board until we actually know who’s on the board.