Student Centered Policy

I would like to provide the REC Student-Centered Policy to parents and discuss with key points. However, the policy has moved online with no pdf available to make hand-outs.

Is there a pdf of the REC Student-Centered Policy that is current.

Everything has been moved to the new REC Foundation library. (In this case

You can find the Student Centered Policy under both the VIQC / VRC / VEX U tabs.


I’ve been there. It’s only web material - formatted for web reading - unlike the Policy from 2-3 years ago, which was formatted for printing.

I want to print the material and use it for discussion with parents and support staff.

Where can I start the discussion with the REC Foundation

It doesn’t look amazing to print the webpage, but it’s not terrible. If that doesn’t meet your standards, it would only take about 20-30 minutes to copy and paste it all into a Word document, format it to your liking, and print it. That would be a lot quicker than waiting for the RECF to change it, which will probably never happen on such a minor issue of personal taste. Just my two cents.


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