Student Inventor seeking help with Battery Product

Hello, my name is Chris Briere and I am a long time VEX participant. I am in the process of developing a product for batteries in VEX robotics and it would really help me if you wouldn’t mind filling out the following survey (see link below). It’s only 9 questions and will only take you 2 -3 minutes, and if you take the survey you will be entered in a drawing to win the first product that is completed. Thank you in advance,
Chris Briere.

Obviously we have no flexibility during competition as to which batteries and charger are used, that is part of the rules.

Outside of competition there are no restrictions, I use a different type of Tenergy charger (here) that allows a little more control and feedback than the standard VEX (which looks like a rebadged Tenergy anyway) charger.

There are also some pretty good battery testers available, here is one (Battery Beak) that does a nice job.

I’ve deleted one post from this thread for being unhelpful and off topic.