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My son made his schools Vex IQ team (one of 5 teams). We have enough parts at home that we thought about doing a “neighborhood team” with him and kids from another school that aren’t on a team that want to do it. We would likely never have our neighborhood team compete at matches his school team is at. Based on answers below, we would obviously let his teacher on his school team know and get their approval.

My questions are:

  1. Is this allowed?
  2. If 1 is true, If one team qualifies for state, can he still be a part of that other team, just not compete on the other team at competition’s? Obviously his school’s team is 1st priority, but if the school team doesn’t make any qualifiers, he could still have the neighborhood team.
  3. While the opinion of the forum will be greatly helpful, who do I contact to actually find the official answer from?


The rules are stated here:image

Thanks Kmaster. So technically, Kid A (my son), he can be added to a second team, maybe as just a builder, but he can never compete basically on Team B (neighborhood) at any tournaments as he is a Driver on Team A (school). I get not participating is a big downfall I’ll have to explain to him, but being a builder still allows us to do a neighborhood team that he can kinda be part of. Would you agree with my assessment?

From what I think, as long as your son does not program or drive for more than one team it should be fine. He should be able to compete in both as long as he isn’t a driver.

I’m not an expert on the rules so anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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He can’t be on two drive teams but he can be on two teams

That’s how I read the rules. If @mizdared roboteer is on School team A and drives for A he is part of that team. He can help be a builder on B, but his primary team is A. If B is at an event A is NOT at, he can participate, he just can’t drive. If A is at the event, then he’s with A.

It’s the “dance with the one that brought you” rule.


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