Student versus adult

In the rules it states that drivers must be a student which is defined as 18 and under and a student or pre college bound student, with an adult being anyone over 18 correct? And if so will VEX be enforcing the rule that the driver must be a student?


From the game manual:

I see no age requirement…

It is a rule but I have never had to enforce it… The only enforcement I have ever had to do is when, in a moment of excitement, the coach touches the robot controls…

This isn’t the Olympics – we don’t collect birth certificates and check school records, but, yes, drivers on high school teams must be in high school (US term) or the local equivalent.

The rules do not strictly say 18 and under, by the way. Here is the definition of *student *from the rules:

[INDENT]Student – Anyone enrolled in a pre-college school or home-schooled as part of a pre-college educational

Given the local differences in educational systems internationally, we have informally said that this means that drivers should generally be younger than 19, but this is not part of the official rules.