Students can't access activities on VR Vex

I’m not sure why, but my students can’t pull up the activities for the VR Vex on Google Docs. It says they aren’t authorized. Am I missing something here?

Are you sharing things properly? This sounds like a Google Drive permissions error, not an issue with VEXcode VR

All permissions on the VR Activities Google Docs are set for access to “Anyone”. If simply viewing the documents is producing an error, this may be due to settings by your Google Administrator blocking docs that have not been explicitly shared with your account.

The documents are locked down for editing, however you can make a personal copy if you wish to edit them.

One quick workaround might to use incognito mode to access the documents as a guest.


What you can do is publish a google document with a /copy option which will cause the document to be copied to the user’s google drive.

that might be best solution - the one we use to push template documents to users.


Thank you. I imagine that’s what it is!

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