Students can't sign up for VEX Forum? Help is much appreciated

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Welcome to the forums! I recommend possibly blurring out the personal information from the photo (Just in case some weirdo comes across it) But for the problem stated in this case, it looks like there are too many people who have signed up on your ip address. I believe that this is not allowed to prevent alt accounts. I’d recommend asking your team members to sign up on different devices, such as their personal phones. If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact a moderator to sort y’all out.


@DRow please blur everything out, also try asking students to sign up at home. That will work 100%.

@TayDay is correct. The forum has a limit on the number of accounts that can be registered under a single IP address. (This is to help combat spam)

Just have the members sign up while they’re at home, or on a personal device not connected to the school network, and this should be solved.


Oh also, make sure to watch out what topic you post in :slight_smile: