Stuff that happens

Today I met MurdoMeek at BC provincials

Its like watching some celebrity on TV then meeting then in real life.

Gordon? Yeah he’s the best :slight_smile:

So it was you!
Congratz on the qualification and see you at Worlds!
And BCIT perhaps?

been a while Cody!
plans for Worlds this year?

Yeah, that was us. Really pumped for worlds :smiley:
I will be at BCIT, but not Zach.

It really has! It was a yes, then a no, now it’s a tentative yes, but I still have to buy tickets and stuff. Going with NAR (obviously). Looking forward to some last second programming.

Actually a lot has been going on, it’s a long story and I don’t want to hijack this thread so yeah, like a 80% chance I’ll be there.