stuffing cubes in between the fence rails

can you stuff cubes between the bars and if touches both sides do both teams get 2 points?

The cubes are too big to be shoved through the fence.

Objects that touch both sides are worth 0 for both teams.

The cubes are quite squishy, you might be able to shove it under.

Haven’t actually tried it yet.

So it is possible to have a match end in a total score of 0?

I suppose, although it seems near impossible to fit 24 stars and 4 cubes under the fence.

True… And nobody would design a robot to do that so im sure nothing like that would happen.
But you never know…

No. Cubes won’t fit under the fence.

I suppose you could put them under, on the fence , and in the middle of the fence

Cubes won’t go into the middle or under the fence, and unless all 4 robots are working for a 0-0 score, I can’t imagine balancing 4 cubes on the fence. Even then, it’s far-fetched.

I was talking about the stars as they also have to be in the neutral zone to have zero zero score

This applies to cubes as well.

The cubes have to be at the bottom (if they fit) and the other objects would have to fit somewhere else which would be any extra room at the bottom and top. I am not sure if the stars could fit in the middle. A score of 0-0 is probably not going to happen but I am sure there will be quite a few of ties.