Stupid Question about vexnet switch (saving money)

Hello, we are buying a field next year and instead of getting full field electronics we have a vexnet switch, does the vexnet switch work with 4x 20m ethernet (RJ45) cables

thanks in advance :smiley:


Yes it should! I believe we have done this at our competition before after having difficulties with the computer system.

Brilliant, saves me like £130 :smiley:

It works for us as well. We occasionally simulate full competitions for practicing. :wink:

awesome ! i might try doing that :wink:

Yes it should work. And you can get the cheap ethernet cables. They dont have to be gigabit/ cat 5e or anything special.

yeh … i just ordered 4 of these :smiley:

Not sure how shipping works out, but I buy all my cables from Any color, any length, ships that day. I use purple from tower to usb. Yellow between scoring, black to display only systems. If you get different lengths of the same color mark the ends so you know how long it is.

Good luck