Stupidest thing you've done in VEX

In next level for IQ, I was driving during a match, and my team told me to go hang with about 15 seconds left. I was like, no, I can get one more point, and tried to push an orange hub in the bottom, in an empty spot. but my claw was still up, and I knocked the yellow hub on our second level off, and didn’t make the hang. I lost our team 7 points. They were not happy.


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i made better oof


Very funny comments :laughing:

I built a scissor lift my first year in robotics.


I used normal axles instead of the thicker axles for something with really high torque. Let’s just say, prying off a gear from a twisted axle is not fun.

Have you ever snapped an axel in half?

Yes. In IQ. And yes, it was a metal one. We called it “the torque-eriffic moment.”


What kind of robot were you using?

Yep. It was really funny because I didn’t realize it at first and was like why isn’t the DR4B going up and down. Then, I noticed the gear was sagging down. When I took a look at it, I noticed the axle literally snapped in half. In retrospect, using a normal axle on a 36:1 motor and 12:84 gear transfer is not a good idea. Fortunately, because the axle was snapped, it was actually easy to take out.

We were using doubled up gears on compound gears so our robot could hang. It was strong!

We snapped multiple at the same time using our scissor lift. We haven’t bothered making one since.

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In my opinion, snapping an axle in half is much easier to deal with than a twisted axle. So yes, it is a torque-eriffic moment.

I don’t see much use in a scissor lift so it’s a good thing you guys stopped making one. I think DR4Bs simply do what a scissor lift can but better.

Yeah that’s definitely a true statement. It was our first year and we had no experience so we wanted to make something easy. Turns out the scissor lift was not easy to make at all.

Another stupid thing I did was make an X-Drive without measuring. The inside and outside didn’t line up properly and the axles for the wheels weren’t lined up. It was a horrific chassis. I had to redo the whole thing.

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I made a code once that would run an auton to line up and shoot a flag with a ball but I decided to code it to a button that is easy to accidentally push so our robot fell to the floor.

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Not to mention, scissor lifts use up so much material.

That’s a big rip my dude. Speaking of tipping. In our first competition, we didn’t put an anti-tip on the DR4B. Needless to say, it was quite the tippy boi that day. Lost us 3/5 rounds.

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That is certainly a true statement. Plus our scissors lift wasn’t good so it was a little lopsided at times