Substitute game element ideas?

What do you guys use in replacement for the official game elements for this year? Our school can’t afford them, nor can we 3-d print any. I was thinking maybe tennis balls and making the goals out of cardboard, but I wanted to see if there are better options.

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I saw some teams use frc power cells to substitute a change up ball. In normal human terms, use a dodge ball that is roughly the same size. It is probably not the perfect solution since they have different physical properties (soft vs hard / friction), but it is relatively easy to get.

Tenis ball are no where near 6.3 inch diameter? heres a hampster ball.

the balls are hard plastic, so even 6.3" rubber balls are not a great substitute.
you can buy a single change up ball for only 5$, I would recommend you do that.

as for the goals, any sort of 18.5" tall bucket works to test scoring. if you want to test descoring however, it becomes pretty much impossible to perfectly represent how descoring is with real goals, as the goals will flex differently than any substitute will (wood is much stiffer, while cardboard is much floppier)


I would recommend getting the correct size balls, even if the materials aren’t that similar (as a pose to the wrong size balls, but with similar material to the actual ones), purely because there’s no point making a robot that is designed to manipulate tennis balls, when the game uses balls much larger. Yes, the weight and physical properties will be different but a robot would be able to cope much better with the correct sized balls, as a pose to material. See if you can find 6.3 inch balls on amazon or something, similar to the ones used in 210Y’s change up reveal video. the robot will have almost no function trying to score change up balls if it’s designed to use tennis balls.


If you register your team I believe one team per organization gets a game element


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