Subsystem 3 Changes

The Robot Inspection <R2> portion of the rule book allows for a modifications to a robot during the event. It goes on to define 3 Subsystems. Changes to Subsystem 1 and 2 are deemed to create a second Robot and be not legal. Thus, is appears modifications to Subsystem 3 are allowed during an event. Can you please confirm it is allowable to have a different “Subsystem 3” for various portions of the event (teamwork, driver control and autonomous)? It appears System 3 is designed to be flexible to allow different ways of manipulation of game objects.

Rule <R2> is intended to ensure teams are only using one Robot during a competition. Teams are free to modify any of their subsystems during the competition, but may only swap between entire Subsystem 3s. You are allowed to different Subsystem 3’s for different portions of the event.