Successful Designs for Past Games (Manipulators, Drive Train)

Hello all,
College student starting a VEX IQ Team at my local church. I do not have much experience with IQ, as I have participated in EDR.

I can’t seem to find any videos of championship matches for VEX IQ. What were the successful manipulators for the previous IQ games? It’s part of my strategy analysis for the team.

Next Level, Ring Master, Crossover, Bank Shot

Thanks for the help

There’s actually a few videos out, but bank shot worlds videos will show you lots of ways to pick up the balls.

In Bankshot, there were 2 main designs that would score the balls in the high goal. One such design was the “dumper”. The dumper design utilized a 2-bar (with elastic assist-rubber bands) with a passive intake (sometimes with rubber bands or not) that could pick up and score a lot of balls at once. It would “dump” the balls into the high goal, ut it could not actually touch the goal.

Another design was the “popcorn shooter” it was named that because of how the balls”pop” inside the robot while the intake system is running. This robot would shoot the balls into the high goal, and could usually hold more balls than the dumper robots, but it was less accurate. Most robots would use a 2 motor drive with a 1 motor strafing wheel to be able to sideways. Look at this match to see the 2 designs in action:


I am not usually that into IQ designs, but that was pretty cool

Not gonna lie, the hopper bot that blasted the balls out at the end was coooooool


Yeah. I did not compete that year, but my sibling did. It was cool to see that last-second park @ the end.

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