Successful tuning of vision sensor for comp? tips and tricks?


I’ve had a lot of success with the vision sensor at competitions where the light is pretty consistent and there aren’t many similar colors in the background, but we rebuilt our bot and are now having a hard time getting the sensor to consistently recognize color signatures. is it possible that the sensor has been rattled to a point where it’s camera is less capable? we have a puncher this could have happened.


does the image look any different in the vision utility ? anything on the lens ?


It is possible that your lens is being blocked by something. Make sure you check your vision sensors lens for any dust or any other unwanted substances and make sure you clean it. Anything blocking (even partially) the vision sensor will prevent the camera from seeing signatures properly.


its pretty clean, i believe our biggest problem has turned out to be getting bad reflections off of the shiny plastic flags, and there is little that we can do about that unfortunately.


I would try turning up the white balance in your vision sensor settings (in the utility there is an arrow next to the signature selector) and try changing the brightness on your vision sensor (found at the bottom right of the vision utility)


will do. hopefully this helps, if not im pretty sure the background at our next competition has a pretty nice black curtain behind it as it is up on a stage, so we’ll see how it goes.
thanks for your help


Yeah. Honestly, it helps to have something behind the netting on the field. It prevents any unwanted tracking.


Would have been nice if the netting would have been more like a black mesh to prevent venue specific coloring from being a factor.


Yeah. Maybe something to think about for next year’s game. Vex should try and develop a game that helps make vision sensor tracking a lot easier.


My thought is they may want to take one out of the FRC game design rulebook, and use retro-reflective tape so you can just shine an LED ring at the target and have it reflect back your color. And then with that you can just lower the exposure of the camera so only your super bright LED’s show up.

That or make the targets not glossy. Why Vex? Why? Why are the flags glossy?


Try really upping the brightness, it will get rid of background noise