Suggestion for robot events tournament awards and results

Ok, first of all, I tried posting this on the robot events forums, but no one looked at it, so here it is:
“As a suggestion, I think it would be very helpful for my and many other teams if on the awards and results page of each Vex Robotics tournament (here: )
it would specify which team on the champion alliance (and the finalist alliance too) was the 2nd pick and which was the 3rd and also which team was the head of the alliance. Thank you very much for considering my suggestion, and I hope to see it for next year.”

Would anyone else find this useful? Please leave your opinion.

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I agree, and if possible, winning scores for skills challenges.
Perhaps it’d be easier if they just had the documents from the field manager (i.e. the brackets and results).
Certainly, it’d require responsible event organizers, but I think it’s quite feasible.

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Thanks for the suggestions.