Suggestion: "Marketplace" subforum

I was wondering if you would consider adding a Community Subforum where people can buy/sell/trade Vex items. I have a few small items I’m looking for, but I hate to clutter even the Chit Chat area. Most convenient would be to connect with a team that plans to attend an event where I’ll be attending (probably local), and most of the world wouldn’t be interested in reading posts like that. It would also be a place where people could advertise items for sale (or eBay postings) without being too intrusive.

If its done, please do not include it in the portal, people can check it manually.

There’s usually an account age or number of posts requirement for such subforums in other communities. I think it would be prudent to do that here, too.

That’s not difficult: Members (30 posts) or Senior Members (100 posts) would be logical choices.

Thanks for the suggestions.

We’ll need to think about it and have some discussion and let you know if we decide to create a “Marketplace” type sub-forum.