Suggestion: Wall of Fame-type forum

I really enjoyed this thread and was thinking that it would be nice to have an entire sub-forum devoted to acknowledging teams or individuals that deserve recognition. Thankfully, most years, we get at least one thread where people call attention to robots that impressed them, but a “Wall of Fame” could acknowledge not only interesting robots, but also helpful forum posts, note-worthy individuals and events, or anything else that’s praise-worthy.

Not every good deed can (or should) earn an award, but it’s nice to spread the reputation around without resorting to “bean/dot counting.”

P.S. If you don’t like the name, suggest something else that would be in keeping with the spirit.

Ah, CD member :smiley:

I agree. Did you mean Hall of Fame?

Actually, Wall was intentional-- a consequence of too much Facebooking :o I’m sure there are better names out there.

I have enjoyed looking at and discussing murdomeek’s cad models. They have lead to some interesting strategy discussions.

I think instead of wall of fame you could call it “I really like…” because wall of fame sounds like you are awarding something big but if i understand this correctly it is just to mention things that you like or find helpful.


I though about maybe a page entry on the VEX Wiki would work. Once there is a name then create a page called that (ie, “Teams That Inspire Us”) and you can either post to that page, or link to a team.

But in digging through the wiki the team entries seem to be a little stale, so maybe a named forum thread would be good.

I was the Judge Advisor for an off-season FRC event called “The Battle O’ Baltimore.” I worked with the planning committee on which awards to give out.

We had an award named “We Really Like You.” Teams and event volunteers could nominate teams, as well as the judges. It was a blast to hear the stories, big and small. Engineering help, transportation help, sharing knowledge and stuff. It covered the FIRST “gracious professionalism” as well as more technical highlights. It was similar to a Judges award, but I just really like the name.

I think you are on the right track.