Suggestions for improvement?

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have any suggestions for improvement on this robot besides fixing my driving? It’s max capacity is 5 stars and it can high hang. Here is a video of it in action.

1 thing. Your robot can’t get stars to the far zone unless you drop the stars in a certain way. A way to fix this is to make your robot a Dumping Claw.

Actually because of the way our bars are set up, top one geared and bottom one on the inside of the towers our claw can become a dumper bot. The reason it isn’t shown in the video is because I realized it a day after we filmed this.

Looks pretty good, it would be twice as good if it was twice as fast if you think about it.

Thats true

Then dump instead of drop, its so much better.

Is that necessarily true?

@tmwilliamlin168 maybe if you can get stars to the far zone instead of near, or have a slightly faster cycle time

As what I can tell the movements seem to be somewhat “Jumpy.” I see that the robot doesn’t need improvements in my opinion, but instead the driver needs to spend A TON of time practicing. But otherwise, nice robot!

Looks really good. I would go for increasing speed.

Yes you can get into the far zone easily. It will help them in skills alot. We can dump we tried with 5 stars all of them go into the far zone. That’s 10 points vs 5 points.

With 6 motors on the arm, I think that a high hang could be done with a faster gear ratio. The drive could also have a faster gear ratio unless you are going for the potential benefits of pushing stars due to a higher torque in the drive.

It definitely helps with skills, but does it help in matches? It might be better in some situations to score in the near zone so other bots have a hard time intaking the game objects

It does because if the match is really close and you have more stars and cubes in the far zone you basically win the match. And you know how close matches can be. And it is not that hard to pick up stars in the near zone. They both have disadvantages and advantages, but in my opinion dumping claws are better.

Thank you everyone who replied with your suggestions! I am glad to announce we just walked away with our schools first ever tournament champions (actually our first award ever)! Funny story, we also won the build award but we were not expecting it at all so when they called out our team number (which not many of us know), we started clapping and looking around for the team that won it while we got stares, took us 10 secs to realize it was us. Thanks again!

I would suggest working on your claw. If you got your claw capacity up to 7 or 8 it would be much more effective even if you aren’t scoring in the two point zone you should be able to out cycle other teams. Another thing is I have not seen any dumpers get more than 6 at a time(there might be I just haven’t seen it done) so you might even prevent them from picking them up if they end up in a bunch which many dumpers cant pick apart. This might add to the time it takes for them to get those stars allowing you extra cycles while they are trying to pick apart your last drop of stars even if they are faster. Also make sure you drive forward enough to actually drop them over the fence rather than just on it it helps them clump and as previously stated I have found to be a problem for dumpers. Still a great robot though!

Pile the stars up in the middle. What drive motors are you running ?

We have a 1 to 1.4 external gear ratio with torque motors instead of high speed motors to get around our lift.

Perhaps switch a 1 to 7 high speed four motor lift with six turbo motor drive ?

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