Suggestions for intake

We have limited time as we have a competition somewhat soon, what’s the best way to make a ring intake for a compact space. we are basically at the build limits already but are ditching the back fork and adding a pneumatic back clamp that is fixed.

Here is a picture of the robot(sorry for low quality)
We have 2 motors available and we can move around where the brain and battery is to accommodate for the intake
Help is appreciated, thanks for reading


For you guys adding an intake is going to be very difficult without a back clamp. If possible I would suggest running an AMOGO like conveyor through your robot starting on the side with the clamp on the 4 bar and ending up near the radio.


Yeah we are working on the back clamp, do you recommend it goes at an angle or flat on the ground

I would suggest angling it, as it is a lot easier to get rings to work on an angled conveyor.


depending on how much time you have, you might have more success just putting those extra motors on your drive and focusing on goals. Rings are important at high levels of play, but a goal only robot can be very successful in many regions. Rings are very nice to have, but they do take a lot of time to get them to work well enough for it to be worth it.

But if you do have time, I would run a conveyor belt from the front of the robot (the side with the lift) up to the back of the robot, and have the rings drop off onto an angled goal in the back. Angling this goal makes it easier to score rings on, and has a couple other benefits like security and convenience.


We work overtime and can work on weekends, although the competition is next saturday. The reason i want a ring intake is because my region has almost no intake bots, so we will have an advantage in matches and skills

Most people recommend a belt so thats probably what we will try building

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To Xenon’s point, you would also probably have more success doing mogos more efficiently than doing rings in a week. Even if you were to successfully pull it off, the time invested would probably be better spent driver practicing.


A bad robot with a good driver will beat a good robot with a bad driver every time


100% agreed. One of our teams built a box with a flatbed and a basic strong and slow fork on the front. They put 6 direct drive motors and practiced loading 3 mogos by just throwing them onto the flatbed and climbing the platform (slowly but very torquey) for a guaranteed 150 points. Granted this thing is easier to drive than fancy robots with intakes on both sides so you need to flip your brain into driving backwards and using every button on the controller (people take it for granted, it’s a skill gained through lots of practice). But they practiced this one simple move and it works. Also when needed, the box makes a formidable pushbot / defense bot. Very sadly though judges usually look the other way and put them into the “poor design process” category and they get no awards but they are living proof that sometimes simplicity sturdiness and efficiency just work.

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