Suggestions to capture video into files from V5 Vision sensor?

Hi everyone,

V5 vision sensor has its built-in webserver and can stream the video real-time. Now I am able to open a browser to watch the video by pointing to

How can I save the video down? It is not really needed for VEX competition, but it will open new ways for kids to use vision sensor and learn coding when they process the video.

Anyone has success saving down the streaming video? Either via some tools or via Python code. I tried to use OpenCV Python package, no luck.

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It’s probably a bit overkill for this job but you could do this with OBS - add a “Browser” source pointed at the IP of the vision sensor, adjust the size of the video appropriately, and click “start recording”.

OBS will record to mkv by default (or at least it did on my system) but you can change the format in settings. After recording, “File -> Show Recordings” will open the location where it saved what you just recorded.


If you have windows 10, do [Windows Key] + [Alt] + [R] to record using the integrated Game Mode feature.

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