Summer camp game ideas

So my team host a vex summer camp and we have started brainstorming ideas and an idea that we are set on is an element theme with 4 different past vex game making up the field. Which four games do you think we should use for each element?
We were thinking NBN for air and TT for earth, but water and fire are giving us trouble

you can use the trough from sack attack as water fire is harder to figure out.

Here are a few suggestions for fire:

  • Turning Point (you’re launching stuff)
  • Starstruck (stars are made of fire… yeah i guess that’s a pretty far stretch but hey is anything better?)
  • In the zone (same shape as fire… ish)

hope that helped? :smiley:

Our problem with your idea is that the earliest game we have is skyrise
Sooo thts out for water

Why not just get the new game? That’s what I do for my summer camp.

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We did that last year but the entirety of tower takeover was too complex for the kids to understand soo we are using it for the earth section in a simpler form

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Got it. When I did a week long class we scored it so that the cubes touching the base of the towers would be placed in the towers at the end. You can always do some modifications so a clawbot can play.

But I usually do IQ… Definitely OK for a clawbot.