Summer Camp Name

HOWDY! I am starting a summer camp this year for robotics. It’ll be mostly IQ and SCRATCH with 4-8th graders. BUT I need a name???!!!

Ingredients for this naming recipe:
STEM - Including this makes everything more marketable
Robotics / Robot - Good to include.
Westwood Middle School - The name of my school
(Univeristy of Florida / Gators are here in town too!)

My current iteration is:

Title: Westwood STEM Camp
Subtitle: With VEX IQ and SCRATCH

I would ask on the IQ forum but it’s all spam…

Any thoughts?

SCRATCH that and use this :wink:

Westwood’s Robotics & Programming STEM Camp

(I wouldn’t use a subtitle)

You’re definitely right that STEM makes everything more marketable, but personally it makes me cringe a little bit. If it had “technology,” “programming,” or “robotics” in the name, though, I would be all over that. That’s not to say that you should avoid the word STEM, it’s just me personally. I liked @Aiden Pyle 's suggestion.

I dislike the use of the word STEM as well… I’m just considering my audience. I also think I like coding instead of programming… Just trying to make the words fit.

Westwood’s Robotics & Coding STEM Camp

If you are trying to get an audience, I think it’s best to have a clear mind and think about the point of view of someone who has never heard of anything related to robotics. Yes, you are trying to target a specific type of people, but the parents are the one who is paying. I personally think it’s best to not involve the “STEM” abbreviation because from their side it probably won’t make much sense. Also, most names that are shorter have much higher success because they can be remembered and recognized easier, so I would suggest keeping it simple and do “Westwood’s Robotics & Coding Camp.”
This is just my opinion, though :wink:

I think STEM is a big enough of a buzzword with enough hype behind it that most people have at least a vague idea of what it is, perhaps without knowing what it even stands for.

Check out…

It’s STEM STEM STEM STEM… The IQ page as well. The marketing wizards have spoken on STEM… :slight_smile:

I’m thinking for simplicity I’ll ditch Westwood… It is a bit of a mouthful with everything…

Add something art related and use the term “STEAM”

Just kidding. I think you are on the right track with the suggestions.