Summer Vex Projects

So, what are your Vex summer projects? Mine is the best robot arm project I can possibly make with the parts I have.

15.5 fps vex robot!

We’ll use a 84-12 gearing on four 5" wheels (see the speed chart here:, with four motors per wheel, and four microcontrollers to get max power.

Obviously we won’t get 15.5 fps, but we’re aiming for somewhere around 12 on a straight road :D.

12 fps with a VEX robot??? Thats insane!


It appears that your link is broken. I believe this is what you really want:

Thats nothing just wait until I get my pneumatic motor design finished I believe that at max power the vex could reach 60mph or 88fps. Keep in mind though that my 4500 psi tank will only last for like 1 or 2 minutes at top speed.

Vex is not made for such speed but I am gona try try it.

Theres also many other ways to get high speeds than just motors.

Pulse jet Engine
Hybrid Rocket
Gas engine

Those are just a few but I am not sure vex was designed to be powered by any of these!

Our driver wanted to use his T-Maxx (read: 70-mph RC car) engine with the school’s parts, but I told him to hold off until he got his own kit. He told me I was wrecking the fun; I told him he’d be wrecking the kit :).

PRODUCT IDEA: Maybe IFI should come up with beefed-up motors. I know our team would petition our teacher for about 20 of those.

A t max nitro engine revs up really fast so I would not be surprised it it shattered the gears or twisted axles!

Use a rocket motor now that not ruining the fun, thats just plain madness.

Pulse Jet + Vex + Wings, landing gear, long range radio, etc = Absolutely ******.

why would someone rip apart a perfectly good Traxxas T-Maxx to put the engine on vex? well anyway, for the summer project, i’m thinking of making an arm bot, a grass cutting bot, a bot that has a winch(to climb up things) and maybe a Mars Rover like robot.

I want to make a awsome tank bot of some sorts i know its been done before 100’s but im new to making bots so im really looking forward to it and also geting the pnematics kit and creating somthing with them also.

I have always wanted to max a fast robot, I want a 25 by 25 chassis to reach at least 60mph but electric motors or pneumatics are to bulky so I will probably need to get a powerful nitro motor off ebay. The only question is how do I mount that to vex?

This is why I really want to start building my own robots from scratch but I lack the parts. If I sold all my vex stuff I could probably get $500 - $600 + birthday + confirmation + Christmas so I might great $1500-$2000 which should be enough to get a lot of good motors, sensors, controllers, ect…

Vex is a good start to robotics but eventually you start to come up with ideas the far surpass the vex kits capability. Within a year or so I want to have a fully motorized robot chassis with a 10hp-25hp gas motor that will be able to reach speeds of 60- 100mph.

check out, they sell tons of really cheap pnuematics. a double acting 2" stroke piston costs only $5!

I gotta make some more money first, but I intend to make a tank bot, hopefully put some metal armor or something on it. That takes a back seat to my laptop repair cost though, which will be about $300 minimum to replace the power plug (BC it’s connected directly to the dang motherboard!:confused: :mad: ) I might just buy the plug and try to sauder it on myself, but I’m a bit cautious about that idea.

Hopefully, a paintball turrent, a massive non-vex trebuchet because we already made a vex one, and maybe a flamethrower.

Hey Guys and Gals,

Instead of using your twitchy (i.e. UNSAFE for controlling any sort of weaponry) Vex equipment (transmitters, receivers, microcontrollers and software) for making ersatz weapons; how about trying something really challenging, such as copying some of the machines built at Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa lab (Google it), or at similar facilities around the world???

Putting the result on a college or job application will be much, much more impressive than telling a recruiter about some of the alternatives folks say (in other posts in this thread) they are investing their summer free time into.

As I get time I’m working on building a Vex knock-off of the RoMeLa IMPASSE machine. It might turn out to be pretty cool.

Just a suggestion…


Great suggestion blake. I just looked and they do have some really cool robots over there.

I want to work on getting multiple Vex Controllers to communicate together. Starting with Round Robin (Colloquially) system for the Current Vex Controllers, and maybe a Mesh Network if I can get some of the new VEX WiFi Transmitters.

Great, I always wanted to see this done. Keep us updated.


I’m hoping to make a robot that can solve and or turn a Rubiks Cube. I think it would be pretty easy, just 2 motors. One for up and down and one for the bottom. Even if it can’t solve it as long as it turns the cube it will be an accomplishment. If it works pretty well, then I might program an accelerometer to work along with it. Chances are it won’t work at all but o-well!!:rolleyes:


heh, heres how a robot can “solve” a rubiks cube:

make it able to turn the cube. film it randomly turning the cube.
post the video somewhere, only after making it backwards!

genius idea ^^