super bowl ads

whats your favorate superbowl ad mine is the the one with richards simmons where he steps on the gas and almost hits himi also like the one with the screaming squirel
i also like pretty much all the budlite ones this one isnt a super bowl one but its funny

I’d have to go with the screaming squirrel. Here’s a video of it for those who missed it.

yeah, that was pretty good. although there werent any that were amazing.

Did anyone get the Audi car ad?

I got it. The Godfather.

here it is

wow kind of a random thread, lol funny

I liked the screaming squirrel, the doritos mouse one, the fight for the coke bottle and the 2 with the talking baby. Still, they were not close to as good as last year.

ya i agree they werent close to last years but some were funny

terrel owens commercial

i loved the doritos one & the “What is Love?” diet pepsi max commercial…those were hilarious