Super Flip Robot Videos

We are a new team to VEX EDR, we are building a Super Flip Robot based on the instructions on the official VEX website:

We are having trouble understanding how the robot is supposed to function. Can anyone provide any video or documentation to how use how this robot is supposed to pick up the blocks?

Thanks so much!

You might try the Stack build instructions, which is designed for this game. Super Flip was designed for Turning Point.

I’m not for sure why that doesn’t show up on the website, one of the admins might want to fix that.


Let’s get @DRow attention; maybe it needs to be corrected.

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Ah, looks like you found an outdated page.

If you look under the Downloads -> Build Instruction dropdown, you’ll find them listed.

Direct link here:


is there a link to a page of designs that vex used for this year’s competition?