Super Glue???

Would anyone be willing to answer a question for me? Are Glues like “Loctite” legal to put on your robot? Loctite is a super glue that instantly solidifies when it makes contact with a surface. Are we allowed to us it to keep out shafts from coming unscrewed from each other?

Quoting from the game manual:

<R15> Parts may NOT be modified as follows:
a. Motors…
b. Welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, or attaching in any way that is not provided within the VEX
Robotics Design System will NOT be allowed.
i. Mechanical fasteners may be secured using Loctite or a similar thread-locking product;
this may be used for securing hardware ONLY.
ii. Teams are permitted to fuse/melt the end of the 1/8” nylon rope to prevent fraying
iii. The gluing permitted by <R7h> is an exception to this rule.

Rule <R15>.b.i. allows thread locking compound for securing fasteners.

Loctite (the brand) offers a wide range of adhesives. The threadlocker products are what is allowed, not the super glue, epoxy or other types. You can find them here:

Most people in Vex recommend the Blue as it is still removable with a wrench. Obviously, there are other companies that also make thread lockers that are acceptable.

The rule says that they are only to be used for “securing hardware ONLY.” I am not clear how far this extends beyond fasteners (screws/couplers + nuts). For example, can it also be used on shafts?