Super GRIP!

I was wondering if it was legal to spray something on the tank Fred gray flaps to make them Have a little bit better grip if it is legal please tell me where I could buy it at

Read robot game rules <R5>, <R6>, and <R7>. Then come back and tell us what you think. :slight_smile:


you cant spray anthing but you can wrap that rubber matting on your treads

At RoboDesigners
I think we can’t use a spray persay but maybe if we wet it a little then dry it off it should stick a whole lot better

At DevinC
We tried just the rubber matting and it did absolutely nothing but mess our speed up horribly it caused one of our motors to become extinct but thanks for the suggestion
BTW do you mean single handedly the rubber or the tank tred inserts with rubber

hmm, maybe get an exacto knife and scratch it up a bit?