Super Stacker Anyone?

“If a Scoring Object meets the criteria of being in both a red and blue High Goal OR both a red and blue Trough, it will be Scored in both.”
495 points anyone? :smiley:

Nice job, however this shows 510 points and not 495.

Oh right. Forgot that the bonus sack was 30 points. XD

You know it probably doesn’t matter much but your supposed to cut the white tags off the sacks :stuck_out_tongue:

It just bugs me when I see ugly tags on stuff xD

Aw… Now that you pointed it out, it’s bothering me too now. :frowning:

I think they ruled the in between thing as counting in just one goal, but I’m not sure. It’d be incredibly interesting to see a robot built to do this… :slight_smile:

I actually did doodle a design for this when I was bored in math class. I could post it on here after I do the CAD. This would be very interesting.

Imagine the amount of motors and elastics you’d need on that lift…

I KNEW I bought 8 packs of rubber bands for SOMETHING. :smiley:

You would need a lot more than 8 of the packs VEX sells lol… I bought a whole POUND of rubber bands at staples for $7.99 has to have 1000’s in it…

But anyways you could probably get away with a zero motor lift… if you stacked them all at once… just a few thousand rubber bands and a piston release… I would probably also do this with a scissor lift… so you have a lot of space for your stacking mechanism…

I suddenly get an epiphany! I know what to spend the rest of my break doing!

Just imagine the thing messing up during inspection… The thing shoots up, right into the inspector’s face…

Hahaha! I would imagine you would remove some rubber bands for inspection or have a screw to lock it down just in case lol…

Nobody said you’d needed to stack all of that at ONCE. I could see a really long 6/8 bar being able to lift sections at 1:7 or 1:9 very easily. The question being, how do you perfectly stack 9/10 sacks onto of each other? More so, how do you stack 9/10 in about ~15 seconds and score? Not easily at all. Props to anybody who figures out a realistic way to do that.

But look at section c of that rule. :slight_smile:

That’s why I linked that Q&A. :slight_smile:

Oh, I thought you had misinterpreted Karthik’s ruling. :stuck_out_tongue:
My apologies then.

Similar things must have happened to the explosive wallbots last year (2W, 1437X, etc.).
Inspector: Let’s test your autonomous control!
Team: Um, okay, but stand back. It’s a bit… violent.

interesting idea for major scoring.

None of those sacks in the middle count as 20 points. For it to be counted as 20 it can’t be supported by any other sacks.