Super wierd competition switch error.

Today at a competition our robot would run fine, but when we plugged into a competition switch our automatically would not run, our robot would disconnect every 6 seconds, and it would stutter as if the PTC tripped. Anyone had this issue?

Try switching the cable, and the competition switch.

That didn’t work. It failed on both fields.


you said that it worked for the first 6seconds, right?

About that time, then it stopped. It seems like a PTC trip but it only happens when connected to the competition switch

Check the code, make sure none of the motors are reversed. Then make sure they are in the right ports. Then finally make sure all the connections are red to red black to black.

code and wiring is correct

Can you send a video of what happened?

Sorry I don’t have any video. It was just disconnects and pauses.


Make sure all your motors are the same speed.

The same thing happened to us at our last tournament. 30 seconds in, our robot started to falter, and stutter. It wasn’t our batteries, nor the robot itself, because we simulated it on the field.

We deduced it to be the static created by the field due to the lack of attention it gets. The static gets onto the drivetrain and cortex, and it makes it hard to move. We haven’t tried out this theory, but that’s just an idea on what might be the reason for your problem.

To get rid of the static, all you need to do is wipe the wheels and the belly/underside of your robot, to get rid of possible static.

One of the things it could be is your controller batteries this happens to me whenever our controller starts to run low.

It actually started right after we replaced them. I’ll try the static thing. Would this also cause our autonomous not to run?

Wipe it with what?

just regular tissues work

Like 7517j said, regular tissues.

Um no, the static, if its there, would only stop the wheels from moving, it wouldn’t affect any code or wiring, but yea i guess it kinda would, but as your robot moves around more, the more static it gets.

Im Thinking it might not be static, because it only happens when plugged into a competition switch.