Support for the Wiring Menu

Hi All,

After using V5 for almost 6 months, I’ve noticed that the wiring menu would be extremely useful in a variety of different ways. I was wondering if VexCode in the future could support this menu and how that might look.

This is what the menu currently looks like in the default Drive Program. However, this isn’t supported in user programs


It was supported by VCS and there’s a good chance it will be supported from VEXcode if you are using the graphical configuration (so both blocks and text when using graphical). But I have no idea when that support will be added.


I think this is super useful and would also love to see it back-ported to the IQ Brain. This would really help all the teams that have code need to quickly double check what goes where. I’ve seen teams struggle with having motors in the wrong ports. Also a bonus as teams cook ports and the code moved the motor but the documentation hasn’t caught up with it yet.

@33691A-Gold_Dusk thanks for putting this back on the VEXcode team’s radar!


Is this available for pros? @hotel Thanks.