Support On dr4b

So what are some ideas on how to support the middle part of a dr4b? Cross or just straight or other ideas?

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Crossbracing (preferably in the shape of an X) provides the best support. You’re making 4 triangles (technically 2 functional ones), and the triangle is the strongest shape.

This can be done in a number of intuitive ways, including half-C, standoffs, and simple 1-by bars.

But, of course, bracing straight across in addition to this can’t hurt.

When finished, the entire back of the DR4B should be a solid unit. It’s next to impossible to reduce all sway in a lift like that, but unifying whatever you can helps immensely.


I have personally always loved cross bracing. It braces far better than straight and really helps keep it from twisting


By cross bracing do you put one bar in the front and one in the back?

Make an X. Corners to corners.


OK that makes more sense. Thank you

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